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School Wide Reading Initiatives

Welcome to the North Central Middle School Library

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E-Learning Reading Bingo


E-Learning Reading Bingo Form

Students and Parents,

While we are all reading at home, print out this Bingo form to play along with us to fill in our Bingo sheet.  Send me photos when you get a Bingo line and I will plan some prizes for the students.  

Happy Reading!!!

Pine Tree Hill Elem. Bingo Sheet.pdf 206.08 KB (Last Modified on April 6, 2021) 

Teacher with Reading Bingo form

Welcome to the School Wide Reading Initiatives page. This page provides information and forms for the school wide reading programs at NCMS.

NCMS School-wide Reading Programs

Students at North Central Middle School are given the gift of reading throughout the year.  Our school is located in the rural part of Kershaw County and is a Title 1 school.  The school library coordinates the efforts for students to receive books for their birthdays; getting a free book if you participate in the Boys and Girls Book Clubs; and the School-Wide Reading Celebration that provides a book to each student and teacher in the school. 

One of these programs is the School-Wide Reading Celebration.  This event starts in the Spring with the announcement of the SC Junior Award Nominees at the SCASL conference.  Teachers read through all of the nominees and allow students to choose their favorite one to read.  Each student receives a free copy of that book before summer break.   When students return to school in the fall, each new student also receives a free book.  All the teachers and support staff choose a book to read and begin planning for our celebration.  The school librarian shares SCASL book activity guides and, which are helpful with planning literacy activities for this event. In September, everyone spends half of a school day celebrating these books.  Teachers plan literacy activities, speakers, and snacks that tie into the theme of the book.  This exciting day supports the gift of reading for the teachers and students, which is encouraged all year long.   

"Happiness is reading a good book"

Birthday Books