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Research Technology Resources

Welcome to the North Central Middle School Library

The Tech Hotline for KCSD is 803-425-8916. If you need any technology help while schools are closed, please call this hotline phone number.

Research & Technology Resource Links

Perdue Owl APA citation information

This website will be helpful in formatting citations in APA formal.  There are guidlines and examples for students to follow.  

Citation Machine

Use a citation machine to help you create your bibliography for your research papers. 


Free database to help you find information for your research project.  You can also access this resource by logging into you Clever account.  

Kid Rex

A safe internet search engine provided by Google.

Simple 4

Outlines the district research model, Simple 4, and provides resources.

Welcome to the Research/Technology page. This page includes links to help students while they are completing research for classroom projects, technology tips from Mrs. Gibson, and links to expand your knowledge of technology.

Chromebook Tech Tips from Mrs. Gibson

My email is  I can be reached during school hours by calling the school.  

Some common problems might be:

Connecting to Wi-Fi:  If you are having issues connecting at your home, go to the North Central Middle School parking lot and try connecting there.  Also, you can go to the Kershaw County - Camden public library, where they will have free Wi-Fi access. There have not been any student issues regarding Wi-Fi connections over the past few months, so this should not happen now.

Issues with headphones:  Try not to use headphones at home if possible.  Many students have been damaging the headphone jack by pulling the connector out roughly or playing the headphones too loudly and damaging the internal Chromebook speakers or headphone speakers.

Chromebook not charging:  Please check the connections on the charger to make sure they are fitted together properly and free of dust/dirt.  The device is charging if the red light is present near the charging port of the device.  It will stay red unless the device is 100% charged, when it turns to a white/green light.  Please refrain from going on unauthorized websites/game sites during the next few weeks.  This might cause the device to “lock-up” and not charge.  This can be fixed, but it is easier to prevent.  Use only teacher recommended websites.  Please email me for help. 

Cracked Screens:  There are very few replacements at this time.  Be careful where you are placing your Chromebooks.  Safe places are on tables, desks, or dressers.  Unsafe places are floors, beds, bunkbeds, near liquids, candles, kitchen counters, or leaning against walls.  

Students on laptops.