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Welcome to the NCMS Library

Welcome to the North Central Middle School Library

About the Library

The library is here to assist students, teacher and parents in our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of North Central Middle School's library media center is to assist in providing a quality education for every child and to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Our library provides an environment in which students and staff learn to access, evaluate, and apply information. The library supports the curriculum of South Carolina and assists our patrons in becoming effective users of information. 


  • To provide materials and services which meet the informational and recreational needs of the learning community
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration between the library media specialist and classroom teachers to promote information literacy
  • To guide students in accessing information through learning activities which have been integrated with the general curriculum
  • To guide students in retrieving, evaluating, and communicating information, of all formats, in a variety of content areas
  • To incorporate a variety of equipment for accessing information of multiple formats from within and outside the library and school
  • To guide students in exploring areas of personal interests through reading and accessing information, thereby becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens 

Library Schedule

The library schedule is designed to meet the needs of our students and faculty.   Students visit their ELA classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday and Thursday are open library days and available for special events and scheduled lessons with teachers.  Everyone is welcome to come check out or research at any time, no matter what activity is happening in our library.  Ms. Monica and Ms. Gibson are always ready to assist students and teachers with their literacy needs. Please email me if you would like to schedule a time to meet with me regarding special collaborative needs in your classroom.  

Library Activities

Book Recommendation for each day using this Literacy Calendar

A Few of Our Favorites

Mrs. Gibson's Favorite Book - "The Little House" Video

Now watch the actually "The Little House" book by Virginia Lee Burton borrowed from the Mrs. St. Germain Reads site on



Library Staff


Mrs. Jennifer Gibson - Librarian

Hello.   I am the Librarian at North Central Middle School.   This is my 19th year with the KCSD family and I have enjoyed every minute of my time in this school district.   I love being in the library and watching the students develop from 6th grade to 8th grade readers and leaders in our school.  

In the library, I will be found teaching lessons, collaborating with teachers, organizing the library, setting up displays, book repair and processing and running our 2 annual Scholastic Book Fairs.   I love our students and our books.   If you ever need help in selecting a book for your student, please don't hesitate to call or email me.  

I am the very proud mother of three successful young adults, all of whom are products of KCSD. 

Happy Reading!!


Ms. Monica Adams

Monica has been working for KCSD for 25 years.  This is her 3rd year as the Library Assistant for NCMS.