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About our Athletics Department

Physical Education Program

The physical education department provides instruction in fitness, health and sports skills with an aim towards life long fitness. Every student at NCMS participates in the physical education program. The P. E. department also provides students with both intramural and interscholastic opportunities. NCMS fields teams in football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball and wrestling. The dedication of the students and staff has resulted in two conference championships and one undefeated season in only two competitive seasons at NCMS.

Extracurricular Athletic Program

athletics equipment

North Central Middle School provides a number of athletic opportunities for seventh and eighth grade students. This is governed by the S.C. High School League. In the fall, students have the opportunity to compete in football, volleyball and in cheerleading. In the winter, students have the opportunity to compete in girls and boys basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading. In the spring, students can compete at the high school in baseball, softball and track.

  • Athletic Director – Savannah Starling
  • Football Head Coach – Pat Baker
  • Volleyball Head Coach –  David Pollock
  • Volleyball Assistant Coach – Megan Phillips
  • Football Cheerleader Coach – Jennifer Gibson
  • Basketball Cheerleader Coach - Jennifer Gibson
  • Boys Basketball Head Coach – JaQuan Brisbon
  • Assistant Boys Basketball Coach –  Ja’Veon Brisbon   
  • Girls Basketball Head Coach – Lloyd Harris
  • Assistant Girls Basketball Coach – Desire Langley
  • Wrestling Head Coach – Ricky Hinson
  • Assistant Wrestling Coach – Mason Gomez